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risk management framework

This definition was also adopted by the Society of Actuaries in 2005. Enterprise Risk Management is a rapidly emerging specialty within the actuarial community and with the new CERA risk management educational certification, could well become an area of practice for actuaries with no tie to traditional actuarial work. The CERA is a globallyrecognized ERM designation supported by actuarial organizations in 12 countries with rigorous educational programs. The ERM Task Force was formed in the fall of 2009 to revisit the need for ERM standards that were previously addressed by an earlier task force in 2007. In June 2010, the Task Force presented findings to the ASB and was then asked to go forward with the development of standards for two broad topics relating to ERM, Risk Evaluation and Risk Treatment. In March of 2011, discussion drafts for two topics were posted to the ASB website on risk evaluation and risk treatment. The ERM Task Force reviewed the comments received and based on those comments, began work on the development of exposure drafts of standards on risk evaluation and risk treatment for presentation to the ASB. This ASOP considers the topic of risk treatment. The process of risk treatment is a fundamental part of risk management systems that are found in organizations. In this context, risk is intended to mean the potential of future losses or shortfalls from expectations due to deviation of actual results from expected results.