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Risk assessment

This chapter provides a description of the whole-of-project risk assessment undertaken for the
identification, assessment and management of project environmental risks associated with the
Nolans Project.
The risk assessment provides a framework for identifying components of the project with the
potential for greater environmental risk, and highlights areas of focus for environmental impact
assessment and project specific control measures to minimise the likelihood and consequence
of these identified risks.
Section 5.1 of the TOR for the preparation of an environmental impact assessment issued by
the NT EPA for the Nolans Project required a risk assessment process that:
 Identified and discussed a range of risks presented by the project, including relevant
potential direct and indirect impacts
 Assessed the risks with regard to their relative ranking to gain an understanding of the
potential severity of impact. This ensured the reasons for the associated control
measures were apparent
 Assigned levels of certainty about estimates of risk, incorporating consideration of the
effectiveness of the planned controls
 Where applicable, recognised members of the community are expected to accept residual
risks and their consequences.
This chapter describes the risk assessment methodology, outlines the key outcomes and
rankings, and summarises the findings of the risk assessment.
The results of the risk assessment have provided a basis for evaluation and justification of the
proposed controls or management measures to modify the risk. The impact pathways and
proposed controls have been used to inform the Environmental Management Framework for the
project, including the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and associated sub plans.