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Riot Exposure and Support for Separation

Enumerators frequently reported that respondents were initially apprehensive. Surveys by most international organizations, such as recent intention-to-migrate surveys by the UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), require supervision by Sudan’s Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), which generally takes the form of minders who accompany enumerators. This was an important reason why we completed all survey work in-house, with our own staff, who obtained necessary permissions from local, non-HAC authorities.20 We took a series of additional measures to protect respondents (and enumerators), who could be at risk of being suspected that they participated in violent action in the past or who could hold political opinions that could make them a target of violent groups or Sudanese state authorities, and enumerators were instructed to provide a detailed description of these measures to respondents.21 These measures aim to make it impossible for anyone in Sudan, including enumerators and investigators, to link particular sets of responses to specific individuals, generic respondent profiles, o