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retrieval of the data.

The ______________ table in the star schema represented below is NOT a dimension.

[removed]a. VENDOR 
[removed]b. ORDER 
[removed]c. PRODUCT 
[removed]d. TIME

A(n) _______ in a star schema is often used to search, filter, or classify facts.

[removed]a. fact 
[removed]b. dimension 
[removed]c. attribute 
[removed]d. attribute hierarchy

A ___________ is a small, single-subject data warehouse subset that provides decision support to a small group of people.

[removed]a. data warehouse 
[removed]b. managerial view 
[removed]c. database system 
[removed]d. data mart

Which type of OLAP system works faster for large data sets with predefined dimensions?

[removed]a. ROLAP 
[removed]b. OLAP 
[removed]c. MOLAP 
[removed]d. All of these choices are correct.

The _______ clause in a materialized view lets you indicate when and how to update the view when new rows are added to the base tables.

[removed]a. DEFERRED 
[removed]b. IMMEDIATE 
[removed]c. REFRESH 
[removed]d. BUILD

Which of the following is NOT a dissemination format of BI that started in the 2000s?

[removed]a. Mobile BI 
[removed]b. Portals 
[removed]c. Spreadsheets 
[removed]d. Dashboards