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The world of the new urban poor

The basic Jobs-Plus model was designed jointly by MDRC and the demonstration’s two core funding partners: the Rockefeller Foundation and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).1 MDRC and other experts have provided extensive technical assistance to each participating city on the design and operation of its particular local approach. MDRC is also conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the program’s implementation and effectiveness. The demonstration began in 1996 and concluded in 2004. Participating sites have been operating the program since 1998. This article summarizes the theory and policy relevance of the project, the sites’ experiences in implementing the Jobs-Plus model, and the strategy being used to assess the intervention’s effectiveness in improving residents’ employment and quality-of-life outcomes and in helping to transform their public housing developments into better places to live. More detail on all of these issues can be found in the collection of evaluation reports and papers on Jobs-Plus that have been completed to date. A final report on the project will be available in mid-2005