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Research Productivity Report

We provide a useful reminder about how to design effective ads in the new viral context. Advertisers have graviated towards making the brands less integral part of the ads. Emotional appeals that maintain the brand as an integral part of the message may be the best way to go both viral and create value for the brands.  Based on these findings, consumers might be able to watch content that they are more likely to pass on, but also evaluate the persuasion attempts more positively and gain knowledge about brand. 

Questions for the Classroom

  • Most companies focus on getting more shares for their ads. If so, what are the other outcomes that marketers should consider while going viral?
  • What leads ads to both (1) be shared and (2) generate value for the company that created it?
  • Should companies tend trade-off between creating emotional ads and making the brand an integral part of the ad content? How can they achieve both?