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Research and Education Community Investment in National-footprint Network Services (RECINNS)

Fermilab provides a custodial active archive for long-term storage of tens of petabytes of scientific data. Services are provided for both on-site direct access to files on tape, or on and off site access of files through a disk cached front end to the tape storage. The tape storage system is called Enstore, which was developed by Fermilab. Enstore is integrated with the disk caching software called dCache and they both share a namespace called PNFS/Chimera. Read more about Data Storage and Handling.

Data Centers

Fermilab provides safe high-quality operations for Fermilab’s mission critical data centers located at the Feynman Computing Center and the Grid Computing Center. These data centers are critical to the lab’s scientific mission as our experiments depend on them to provide a reliable, accessible place to store data. Read more about Data Centers.

Fabric for Frontier Experiments (FIFE)


FabrIc for Frontier Experiments (FIFE) provides collaborative scientific data processing solutions for Intensity Frontier experiments. FIFE takes the collective experience from current and past experiments to provide options for designing offline computing for experiments. FIFE is modular, so experiments can take what they need and new tools from outside communities can be incorporated as they develop. FIFE is based on common toolsets wherever possible to increase flexibility, provide for efficient evolution, and reduce the maintenance load. Read more about