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Requirements of Effective Written Communication

We would be remiss, however, if we did not note some of the problems and complexitieF of operationalizing this perspective in c program of developmental education. An immediate problem concerns the availability of instructors capable of teaching non-standard English in a bidialectual approach. For example, Hopf in a study of programs of instruction used tc teach oral communication to the disadvantaged in selected urban community colleges, found that although all instructors had a master’s degree, none had been trained for working with such students. In addition, Hopf found that there seemed to be little comprehension of the problems of those students. 12 A related problem concerns the development of our state of knowledge in this general area. For example, little is known about the relationship of the effect of physical and social maturation of the late and postadolescent on learning. If we were to take a two-year old child from a Phillippino stone-age society and place that child in the home of a middle-class professional in this society, it is quite likely that that child would also become a professional. If, however, we took that child’s fifteen-year-old brother and placed him in that same home, it is unlikely that he would be able to become a professional irrespective of the kinds of interactional experiences he has within that home or within schools in this society.