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Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture

B. Detail how a person and/or concept encountered in this course has informed your explanation. The act of human creative expression does make a huge impact in the culture where it was created. It usually represents the culture the artist belongs in or religion the artist belongs in. They sometimes do it to show how their culture is. The larger reciprocal relationship betweenhuman creative expression and the culture in which it was created using the insights you gained from studying my artifact is that sometimes the artist creates an artifact that does not belong to their culture or religion. There are many artifacts that are like that. Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian artist who created a religious painting of Jesus and his traitors. Everything we have learned throughout this course about artifacts and studying the meaning informed my explanation. Explain how you believe human creative expression can impact issues we deal with today. Be sure to be specific about the issues you are addressing. A. Use the insights you gained from studying your artifact to explain how creative expression can impact today’s issues. B. Detail how a person and/or concept encountered in this course has informed your explanaon. Human creative expression can impact issues in good and bad ways today. For example, the 10-commandment monument that went up in Arizona. That is an example of human creative expression and it caused problems. People wanted it and people wanted it down. Today you haveto be careful how you express yourself in a creative way or you can cause problems. After studying my artifact some insights, I gained is that creative expression definitely has a positive impact on today’s issues. The Mona Lisa is a painting of somebody else’s wife. Back then that was okay but today that can cause a problem. Issues today are expressed in a different way mostly in a form of news, Movies, music but not art as much. When we were also studying other artifacts I also used a song Hero of War as an artifact because that song is a beautiful piece of musical art and tells a story and that concept has informed my explanation it made me aware of issues and made other people aware of issues