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Relational humanism: A psychology for a pluralistic world

This theory does however in addition this veracity ,state that we have little free will to make choices in life(Westen,1998,p.5).Freud’s work is however regardless of this fact vast and has highly contributed to psychology as not only a practice but as a discipline(Mclead,1998,p.5).Freud believes that the human mind is similar to that of an ice-burg as only a small amount of it is actually observable for study(Mclead,2007,p.5).It is as a result of this fact that Freud believes our unconscious submerged inner mind has the most important influences with regard to human behaviour(Mclead,2007,p.6).Freud does however state as a result of this actuality that there are three main methods for accessing an individual’s unconscious mind, known as free association, dream analysis in addition to slips of the tongue.