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The continuing economic growth of the East A decade ago, China wasn’t the top trading partner for even one of the Group of 20 (G20) economies. Today, it’s the biggest trading partner for six (Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia and South Africa) and it has replaced the US as the top export market for a seventh (Brazil) and risen in importance for the rest. Asia will continue to be the most dynamic region for trade and the fastest growth of merchandise exports will occur within the region itself. China and India will lead this expansion and the commerce between these two economies is anticipated to grow faster than any other trade route. Higher prices for primary commodities such as oil and the growth of trade in Asia have helped to boost the combined share of the emerging economies in world exports to 45% in 2010, its highest ever. Already having moved toward production of sophisticated electronics and industrial supplies and away from their former reliance on textiles and other light manufacturing, China, India and other emerging economies will further diversify their manufacturing bases