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Rapid Miner

Rapid miner is data science software that is used by businesses and researchers in data preparation, deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning, and text mining. There have been commercial applications of the software in the fields of education, rapid prototyping, application development, training and various processes of machine learning. The platform uses a client/server model where the server is offered on-premises, public or private cloud infrastructure. Rapid miner provides an advanced analytical solution to users through the use of template-based frameworks that offer quick delivery time and reduce errors in the process by eliminating the time and the process of coding.  The program is written in Java programming language. It provides a graphical user interface as well as executing analytical process through multiple operators. Each operator performs a single task in the process and the results are used as input data for the next tasks.

Functionality of Rapid Miner

The functionality of Rapid Miner is usually developed for the command lines and has the capability of providing learning schemes to its users, models, and algorithms. Additionally, the software’s functionality can easily be extended through the use of more plugins. Rapid miner is one of the most used data analysis software used by worldly known companies which include Samsung, Cisco, BMW as well as intel. With the use of technology rapid miner helps organizations analyze advanced data. the software further helps in application integration, machine learning, and data integration. This benefits the users through the provision of a unified approach that most businesses make use of to promote their productivity as well as their efficiency. Additionally, businesses make use of the edge to learn and to gather knowledge on ways to accelerate and improve their standardization.

Importance of  Rapid Miner

Among the various advantages of using rapid miner include its clear presentation of results, its fast speed of operation and ease in using it. User prefer the software as it is easy to learn how to work with it, has a much friendly interface and has the capability of supporting various data types. Rapid miner provides users the ability to easily transform data and models and also to use learning algorithms. The software is however limited by lack of helpful and clear instructions on its manuals. Additionally, although it has a help section where users can refer to in case they are stuck, the help examples provided are usually limited in explanation hence not much helpful. The software further has low performance, especially when using big data.