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R Programming

The R programming language was developed in 1993 by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. The programming language has become popular in the field of data science as it was developed with statistical manipulation in focus. R makes data scientists do lot of things such as data visualization which is not possible with other programming languages in the field. Some of the statistical and graphical catalogs that is contained in the R language includes the time series, statistical inference, linear regression, and machine learning algorithm among others. The libraries of R are usually written in the R language but areas that require heavy computations tasks, other languages such as Fortran, C and C++ are used.

Data analysis using R programming

Data analysis using R programming language involves a series of steps which helps one to systematically perform various data analysis tasks. Starting with programming, R is an accessible and clear programming tool. Transform option on the other hand is a collection off libraries in the R programming language which have been specifically designed for use in the field of data science. Another step in the data analysis with the R language is the discovering step. Discovering helps the researchers to investigate the data, refine their hypothesis in the research and that do the analysis. Modelling is another step that is provided by this language. Modelling in R comes with an array of tools that are used to capture the right model for data in place. The last step of analysis using the R programming language involves communication where codes, graphs and other outputs are integrated to a report using R Markdown or built with Shiny apps that helps to share with the results with the world.

R Programming Applications

The main application of R programming language is the data analysis field, statistical inference and machine learning algorithm.  The R package comes with primary uses which include visualization, machine learning and statistics. The preparation of data and communication of results rank among the most uses basing on the number of questions in the Stack Overflow. The R libraries are stored in CRAN which is a free and open source platform, then one can easily access, download and apply these numerous libraries.

Various organization today are banking on the data science to create an edge in their business and enhance competitive advantage. Among the companies that are using R programming language includes Airbnb, Google, Facebook and Uber. However, data indicates that academic is leading industry in the usage of R language followed by healthcare. Though R has the longest running curve compared to other data analysis programs in the market such as Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, Matlab among others, it offers excellent business capability.