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Quantification of energy loss mechanisms

Oil and gas companies are doing more with less…

Following the peaks in oil and gas upstream investment reached in 2014, investment collapsed abruptly as a result of lower prices. 2017 investment rebounded by 2% in real terms, and we estimate the same level of growth for 2018.

One notable trend concerns the relationship between oil prices and upstream costs. In the past, there has been a roughly linear relationship between upstream costs and oil prices. When price spiked, so did costs, and vice versa. What we are noting now is a decoupling. While prices have more than doubled since 2016, global upstream costs have remained substantially flat and for 2018 we estimate those increasing very modestly, by just 3%. Companies appear to have learned to do more with less.USD billion (nominal)Global oil and gas upstream capital spending 2012-18Upstream capital spendingBrent oil price ($/bbl)IEA Global upstream cost index (2012=100)