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Psychology and Freudian theory

Transference and Counter-transference issue

According to the last appointment Maria missed she mentioned that she was very emotional because she felt like she was a failure and thus making her guilty. In this case, her parents were authoritative towards her as she was growing up and this made her miss the last appointment because she felt like I was authoritative towards her just like her parents (Klein 2017). In the previous sessions I noticed that Maria was always late for the meetings and even though it was mentioned to her in a couple of times, she did not stop. This lateness reminded me of my ex-husband who never stopped drinking after being advised to quit many times, thus leading me to feel frustrated, resentful, disrespected and not being heard.

The current state of work

I think from the therapy sessions that we are having with Maria; there is a sense of slow progress because Maria is gaining her confidence and she is learning to set boundaries in her life.


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Awareness of students own process

I am aware that I can do what I can in the therapy sessions and to be a good enough therapist I need to be a good enough mother (Caldwell, 2013); (Ratnapalan & Batty, 2009). On the countertransference case, it shows me that I have emotional problems that have affected me from my past life. Thus, there is difficulty in handling the therapeutic space where I am not able to have sessions with Maria after her absence from the last meeting and her lateness. Self-assessment