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Project Budget Example

Below is an example of a very simple project budget to make a cake.  You could provide this budgetary estimate to a client and see if they could secure $1000, to start the project. Then, after refining the cost estimate, you’d create a statement of work, get approval with a purchase order and then you, could get started with making that kick-ass cake. Admittedly, it’s a bit of an expensive cake, but at that price, it’d probably be a very good one.

project budget estimate example

Project budget example

This estimate example includes some critical project information with the project name, project manager and the date.  The estimate breaks down the tasks within phases, and shows who will be doing what task, in each phase of the project, and applying what level of effort. Importantly, this estimate example also shows 3rd party costs (which very generously, we didn’t mark up) and an estimate summary which a client could use as their budget. In this project budget example, we didn’t include a risk budget, change budget, contingency or assumptions because after all, it’s just a cake.