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Work Force Assessment

For employers to understand the diversity, degree of discrimination, and the overall status of the workforce, the employer must first analyze and assess the workforce and discover what issues and underlining problems exist.  Only after a thorough assessment of the workforce can an employer start to implement older employee programs and policies. The assessment must consider the number of retiring employees, the expertise and knowledge that the older employees have that would be lost if they retired, and develop programs to attract qualified people of all age groups.

To help control the problems of an aging workforce, employers should focus on the following business strategies as a top priority:

  1. Recruitment –Employers are suggested to take advantage of the opportunities to select individuals with specific talents, experiences, and perspectives from diverse age groups. According to the Sloan Center on Aging and Work’s National Study of Business Strategy and Workforce Development less than one-third of businesses surveyed adopted practices that include age diversity recruitment strategies and 52 percent of companies that hire retirees do not have official procedures and programs for such purposes. Competitive benefits are an important component of any organization’s recruitment package. Employers have to cater different packages for older employees because they carry different values than younger employees.