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Principle of Regularity


FIN 1330               Personal Finance                                                                                                  3 cr.
(Not open to students enrolled in the College of Business Administration who have completed 60 semester hours or more of university credit.) Survey course that covers the following areas: a financial health program, budgeting, consumer protection, housing, insurance program, investment portfolio, other potential investments, taxes, and estate planning. The impact of personal finance on the economy will also be examined.

FIN 2302               Introduction to Investing                                                                                     3 cr.
Offered each semester. The course provides an overview of investment opportunities in financial instruments such as common stocks, preferred stocks, government and corporate bonds, rights, warrants, convertibles, options, futures, and mutual funds.

FIN 2335               Principles of Real Estate                                                                                      3 cr.
Offered each semester. The principles of purchasing, owning, and operating real estate relative to interest in realty, liens, contracts, deeds, titles, leases, brokerage, and management.

FIN 3099               Senior Honors Thesis                                                                         1 min. cr. – 6 max. cr.
Offered each semester. Prerequisite: consent of department and Honors Program Director. Senior honors thesis under the direction of a faculty member. Section number will correspond with credit to be earned. Must be repeated for a total of six credit hours to be eligible to graduate with honors.

FIN 3300               Principles of Financial Management                                                                  3 cr.
Offered each semester. Prerequisites: ECON 1203 or ECON 2200, and ACCT 2100. Introduction to investment, financing, and dividend decisions of business firms. Topics include valuation, capital budgeting, working capital management, capital structure and cost of capital, sources of financing, and dividend policy.

FIN 3301               Small Business Finance                                                                                       3 cr.
This course applies the skills of financial analysis to the particular problem of financing new ventures and existing small businesses. Specific topics covered include legal forms of organization and how they affect financing alternatives, ratio analysis, identifying and evaluating sources of small business financing, buying existing small businesses, financing growth and diversification, and dealing with bankruptcy and liquidation. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation and preparation of financing packages for securing financing from banks, ventured capital investors and government agencies.

FIN 3302               Investments                                                                                                           3 cr.
Offered each semester. Prerequisite: FIN 3300 or ECON 2000. Fundamental information regarding the organization, regulation, and performance of securities in the various markets and financial instruments.

FIN 3303               Financial Institutions                                                                                           3 cr.
Prerequisite: ECON 2221 and FIN 3300. Study of the impact of financial institutions on both the total level of economic activity and the allocation of funds to various sectors of the economy. Analysis of the intermediary process and the determination of interest rates in the financial markets.