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Post-Implementation Evaluation Review

File Conversion

It is a process of converting one file format into another. For example, file in WordPerfect format can be converted into Microsoft Word.

For successful conversion, a conversion plan is required, which includes −

  • Knowledge of the target system and understanding of the present system
  • Teamwork
  • Automated methods, testing and parallel operations
  • Continuous support for correcting problems
  • Updating systems/user documentation, etc

Many popular applications support opening and saving to other file formats of the same type. For example, Microsoft Word can open and save files in many other word processing formats.

Post-Implementation Evaluation Review (PIER)

PIER is a tool or standard approach for evaluating the outcome of the project and determine whether the project is producing the expected benefits to the processes, products or services. It enables the user to verify that the project or system has achieved its desired outcome within specified time period and planned cost.

PIER ensures that the project has met its goals by evaluating the development and management processes of the project.

Objectives of PIER

The objectives of having a PIER are as follows −

  • To determine the success of a project against the projected costs, benefits, and timelines.
  • To identify the opportunities to add additional value to the project.
  • To determine strengths and weaknesses of the project for future reference and appropriate action.
  • To make recommendations on the future of the project by refining cost estimating techniques.

The following staff members should be included in the review process −

  • Project team and Management
  • User staff
  • Strategic Management Staff
  • External users

System Maintenance / Enhancement

Maintenance means restoring something to its original conditions. Enhancement means adding, modifying the code to support the changes in the user specification. System maintenance conforms the system to its original requirements and enhancement adds to system capability by incorporating new requirements.

Thus, maintenance changes the existing system, enhancement adds features to the existing system, and development replaces the existing system. It is an important part of system development that includes the activities which corrects errors in system design and implementation, updates the documents, and tests the data.

Maintenance Types

System maintenance can be classified into three types −

  • Corrective Maintenance − Enables user to carry out the repairing and correcting leftover problems.
  • Adaptive Maintenance − Enables user to replace the functions of the programs.
  • Perfective Maintenance − Enables user to modify or enhance the programs according to the users’ requirements and changing needs.