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Preparing a Written Action Plan

Although there is no one “correct” way to write an action plan for your organization or facility, it is important to have some form of written document that states your goals, lists your overall strategies to achieve those goals, and then delineates the specific actions you will take to implement the interventions you have selected to address the identified problems. One way to organize the action plan is to review the following key questions as a team and document your answers:

What areas do you want to focus on for improvement?
What are your goals?
What initiative(s) will you implement? Describe the specific actions briefly.
Who will be affected, and how?
Who can lead the initiative? Identify a leader and/or champion to manage the project.
What resources will be needed?
What are possible barriers, and how can they be overcome?
How will you measure progress and success? Specify the measures you plan to use to monitor progress in achieving the desired changes to organizational processes and CAHPS scores. Read more about measures below.
What is the timeline? Record your planned start and end dates for the action.
How will you share your action plan?
It also helps to lay out the calendar for all actions in a Gantt chart format, so you can verify that the timing of sets of actions makes sense and is feasible to complete with the staff you have available.