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Population Censuses in a Post-Confl ict Situation

Privatization of SOE’s is normal process to be carried aft er the war and it was necessary to perform this process in order to keep the property of Kosovo economic assets and save them to further transformations. Kosovo’s privatization is characterized as a diffi cult and long process, performed as quick sale of SOE’s through newly formed enterprises called NewCo to private investors through highest bidding procedure, but without preliminary assessment of assets or capacities of entity. The consequences of privatization for employees and their welfare, are not respected and are not taken into consideration from the government seriously. From the strategic point of view the consequences for Kosovo’s economy, especially production and exports, as well as mining sector is not to be appreciated. The amount of sales of the SOE’s is still deposited at foreign banks and the money is not invested in Kosovo in a way that our state would have direct impact from it. From the isolation of funds, Kosovo economy have negative eff ect on economic raise of Kosovo and welfare of citizens as they more depend on services, administration and on remitt ances. PAK should speed up with proceeds from liquidation to allocate to people their debts. PAK should be more careful to buyers of SOE’s with conditions of sale, who are not paying the employees regularly aft er privatization. Kosovo government should be more carefulness to the voice of citizens and the politics of privatization to return to benefi t of countries economy and bett er life of its citizens.