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Political Violence and Its Effects on Ethnic Divisions

Khartoum is popularly described as a microcosm of Sudan, and it is an attractive survey site in that we are likely to sample respondents from a broad crosssection of Sudanese society as a whole.16 Residents of Khartoum also constitute the segment of Sudan’s population on whose support the authoritarian Sudanese government around President Bashir relies most heavily, so the popular sentiments that our survey identifies are more likely to have a visible impact on government policy than similar sentiments in other cities.17 Respondents were selected using a multistage stratified cluster-sampling procedure.18 We randomly sampled 62 popular administrative units (PAUs) within five randomly chosen administrative units and selected households within PAUs by drawing target coordinates that were located by GPS-equipped enumerators in the field. Enumerators then asked the head of each sampled household to construct a roster of adult household members, and individual respondents were sampled from this roster