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Political Integration in the European Union

Why then are these changes coming about, and what exactly are they? It is in practice, easier to identify the former than interpret the latter. The reason is that during the past few decades, the emergence of corporate empires in the world economy, based on the contemporary scientific and technological developments, has led to globalization of production. As a result of international production, co-operation among global productive units, the large-scale capital exports, ―the export of production‖ or ―production abroad‖ has come into prominence as against commodity export in world economy in recent years. Global corporations consider the whole of the world their production place, as well as their market and move factors of production to wherever they can optimally be combined. They avail fully of the revolution that has brought about instant worldwide communication, and near instant-transformation. Their ownership is transnational; their management is transnational. Their freely mobile management, technology and capital, the modern agent for stepped-up economic growth, transcend individual national boundaries. They are domestic in every place, foreign in none-a true corporate citizen of the world. The greater interdependence among nations has already reduced economic insularity of the peoples of the world, as well as their social and political insularity.