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Political environment

Aft er the declaration of independence of the Macedonian state in 1992, became the fi rst elections where President Kiro Glikorov, designed to keep good relations with Yugoslavia. In these elections Macedonians gave constitutional rights of the Albanian people, but they treated them as minorities. Albanian people began to make signifi cant moves in order to obtain their rights in the new Republic. They establish fi rst university in Albanian language school, fi rst model of parallel school and parallel state that governed from Ibrahim Rugova. Even this Macedonian authorities responded by arresting, persecution, oppression and isolation of Albanian personalities. In 1994 Prosperity Party dissolved and at the same time was creating Albania Democratic Party establish in order traverse with Macedonia state and its allies. In 1997 are held local elections and aft er 6 months general election. According to local election result that Rufi Osman was the winner. He is professor in university of Tetovo. As result of his residence, these put the Albania fl ag and symbols in the entrance of Gostivar and this is a reason to irritate relation with Macedonia and lead to loss many Albania lives. Bosnia represents the most painful stories part of the Balkan drama, which is considered as “sui generic” for the formation of the national state. The creation of nations and national state was driven by nationalism which from civil nationalism turned to offi cial nationalism. Bosnia population starts thinking seriously about secession from Yugoslavia as they did with Slovenia and Croatia. Even this Bosnia population is not a homogenous population but is mixture of Bosnian Muslim Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats and smaller ethnic groups. All this non-homogeneous population cannot be achieved without war with Serbia. In 1992 it started the war between Bosnia with Serbs and Bosnians. In 1993 Bosnians were att acked also by Croats that were the only Muslim alliance but not results as they think. This confl ict was regarded as an ethnic and religious confl ict.