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The Office of Professional Development provides free professional development opportunities through scheduled sessions and direct support to districts and schools that need additional support in the areas of English Language Arts, mathematics, special education and science. Cross-curricular offerings are also available. We also assist districts in the implementation of Process Standard 15 of the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards.

Contact Kristina Livingston at if you have any questions or if you require a consultation with a content expert before scheduling professional development sessions.

Professional Development Calendar

Browse the MDE ProfessionalDevelopment Calendar and make plans to attend and participate in one of the many professional learning opportunities provided. Take advantage of these opportunities for professional growth as an educator.

Menu of Services

Educators may request face-to-face professional development from MDE’s Menu of Services. The Spring 2019 Menu of Servicesis now available.  All requests must be approved by an administrator.

– Request for Professional Development or Coaching Support

– Parameters for Professional Development Requests

– Professional Development SharePoint

Online Course Catalog

Online courses are offered free of charge to help support educators as they strive to improve student achievement. These courses are designed to only take 30 minutes each week, making them ideal for content-focused team meetings. All requests for online courses must be approved by an administrator.  Contact Kristina Livingston at if you have any questions.

Exemplar Units and Lesson Plans

Mississippi classroom teachers developed Exemplar Units and Lesson Plans for grades K-12 aligned to the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. These units provide great examples for teachers and administrators of what high-quality ELA and Mathematics lesson plans and units should look like. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation helped fund this project.

Family Support

The series of Family Guides for Student Success for grades Pre-K through 8 assist parents with grade-level at home strategies and activities that support children’s mastery of the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics standards.

Schools and districts are encouraged to share the Family Guides for Student Success with parents during parent nights or other parental engagement opportunities. These toolkit resources are available to all school districts to help provide engaging experiences for parents that give them guidance to help their children succeed in school.