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Pleasant Bluffs Hospital: Launching a Home-Based Hospital Program

Building an enabling information technology

The core of the GVM value agenda is to support a solid IT platform. A multidisciplinary and multidimensional organization like GVM needs to be complemented by an efficient delivery system. The IT program is focused on a platform that follows patients across services, using a common data definition and containing all patient data. Healthcare IT is acknowledged as instrumental in reducing medical errors, enhancing staff productivity, improving quality, and lowering costs. The medical path is accessible to all stakeholders and by any GVM structures, facilitating patients’ referral, diagnosis and treatment, and outcome and costs measurement. The global data of GVM network will be used to implement the continuous process of quality assessment and improvement, risk management and to establish a better communication with patients.5

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are today operating in an extremely competitive environment, with increasing pressure to improve quality and reduce costs. In responding to this dynamic situation, transformation of organization requires the will to organize delivery around the needs of patients.

We have described the GVM organizational experience in reengineering the process by which care is delivered in order to make it more patient-focused. The GVM value agenda has been formulated based on mutually reinforcing components. The corporate organization has been redefined including a proper measurement of performance (outcomes and costs). An IT platform has been implemented, enhancing patient-centred vision, facilitating access to medical records for all parties involved in care, quality of care and costs. Despite the fact that the GVM is a complex and multisite healthcare organization, the strategic transformation has been carried out engaging all physicians in the total hospital network. The results at 18 months are very surprising: assessment of outcomes and costs in the cardiovascular field has shown an improvement in all GVM hospitals