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Personality Assessment

On the self-assessment, I have strengths and weaknesses that have helped me to learn of the therapeutic nature and relationships. The therapeutic relationship qualities that I see is that I can put myself in the shoes of my client and feel empathetic for instance I feel her pain, loss, struggle, and loss of sense of self in her life. This empathy feeling is there because i have been feeling more attuned to my own inner experiences and feelings of the past that have also affected me as a person. Therefore, what I bring in this relationship as therapy is my love, acceptance, space, and compassion in this therapeutic universe because I have been applying these feelings to myself as an individual.

Currently, what I am still working on is on ‘not giving advice’ and ‘stuck’ because when my client is stuck at one stage, I need to stay with her at the moment to work with her rather than rescue her from her ‘stuck’ so that she can open up on her feelings. Because in the case of Maria, when she was getting stuck, and I wanted to rescue her, it was my own “stuck” that I wanted to rescue. Therefore, I need to know how to contain my emotions and be able to handle my clients’ ‘stuck’ and myself

In conclusion, on the current status in the therapeutic space, there is a need for physical exercise, self-care establishment, self-worth and confidence which is essential in making the sessions a success because the client needs support in during the healing process. As a therapist, I should set boundaries that prevent the ongoing therapy from failing because the client and therapist should have an excellent mutual understanding that is set by limits which will allow the client to open up on their feelings.