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Person-centered therapy

Why Become a Social Worker?

There are many reasons you may be drawn to a career in social work. Some people become interested in social work because they have been helped by a social worker in the past or they have experienced hardship and would like to help others overcome similar struggles. You may be drawn to the field by a particular interest in addressing problems such as addiction, abuse, or mental illness. You may have a strong interest in working with children or with elders. Despite the varied paths that lead social workers to the profession, most social workers enjoy working with people and are driven by their desire to help others and make the world a better place.

How can I learn about the social work field before making a decision?

The best way to learn about social work is to volunteer! There are volunteer opportunities in every community that can give you a sense of life as a social worker. Many social workers are tasked with volunteer management and are actively seeking volunteers to help out in hospitals, schools, and community organizations around the country. Volunteering not only allows you to meet social workers and learn about what social workers do, it may also provide you with some experience working directly with individuals, families or groups and/or advocating for community-wide change.