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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement Systematically measures organizational performance, implements evidence-based strategies to improve performance, and empowers staff to participate in these efforts.  Implements and incorporates evidence-based principles, strategies and tools into management activities. These principles, strategies and tools support continuous quality improvement to achieve better outcomes for individuals and enhanced productivity for staff and volunteers/interns, where appropriate.  Evaluates situations with an eye toward identifying opportunities for performance improvement. Works to identify the root cause of problems. Tracks performance. Improves work processes. Focuses objectively on systematic changes that are needed to improve an organizational process. Works to enhance organizational practices and continuous improvement by collecting and using qualitative and quantitative data to analyze problems and track the organization’s performance and outcomes.  Implements, monitors and updates plans to improve the organization and the department.  Empowers staff to participate in decision-making. Has positive expectations. Encourages others to do their best. Values and respects the input and expertise of other people. Does not play favorites.  Interprets and translates the organization’s long-term goals, and works with staff to achieve those goals through day-to-day tasks. Understands how the organization’s goals relate to internal and external environments.  Monitors and takes pride in the quality of his/her work and the work of others. Continuously searches out and acts on opportunities to improve quality and service.  Continues to try new solutions until desired results are achieved. Researches effectiveness of solutions. Takes the initiative to collaborate with individuals and their family/support networks to find solutions to problems.  Promotes staff self-evaluation. Encourages staff to set individual and team goals for performance improvement.