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particulate inheritance hypothesis

Mendel’s Monohybrid Cross
Creating pure lines
Cross pollinating pure lines. 
Cross pollinating pure lines.

Mendel chose to study inheritance of the pea plant. While the pea is a fast-growing species (which makes it a good experimental subject), its most important characteristic is the pea can be self-fertilized. Self-fertilizing a plant is the process in which the sperm (pollen) from one plant is used to fertilize the eggs (ovules) of the same plant. Self fertilization creates pure lines, in which all offspring are exact copies (clones) of the self-fertilized plant.

P generation

From his controlled self-pollinations, Mendel germinated and grew the “pure line” seeds of plants with several different phenotypes: seed shape, seed color, pod shape, pod color, flower color and stem length. He collectively called pure line plants the P generation, the parent generation. The P generation served as the starting point for his inheritance experiments