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Paraverbal Indicators of Deception

In artificial intelligence one of the many goals researchers pursue, is how to adapt theory of mind models to artificial minds. One application of this research is to have artificial minds learn how to behave in a deceptive manner, by acknowledging other people’s state of mind and trying to manipulate said state. This brings us to the definition of a lie, and its purpose in artificial intelligence, followed by the means to deceive others. A lie is a mechanism used by human beings to deceive other humans, most of these deceptions have a goal in mind whether it is simply to harm others or to further the deceiver’s own objectives and achieve success. Although some of these objectives are not necessarily negative to the person being deceived, but are meant to protect or hide painful truths from them. Despite the negative aspects of deception, there are several situations where one would like to create agents with deceptive behaviour. For instance, to create an interesting opponent for a bluff card game it is very important to consider the ability to deceive. Bluff games are designed based on the deception skills of each individual,