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Own and Control of Database

The task of building a vision for an organization is frequently referred to as ‘path-finding’. The goal of the pathfinder is to provide a vision, find the paths that the organization should propose in the long run and mark the trail for those who will follow.6–10 To effectively outline the future and facilitate the pursuit of organizational excellence, visions need to be translated into ‘action plans’, considering:

  1. primary targets, i.e. sectors to be sustained, expanded, or reduced;
  2. external context analysis, e.g. the presence and type of competitors, geographic and demographic data, the network and relations, and international connections;
  3. internal context analysis, i.e. expertise, mindset and attitude of the heart team, structure, organization, quantity and quality of production (database), and periodic monitoring of the database and processes;
  4. strategic targets, e.g. teamwork, performance improvement, increased number of patients referred, innovative techniques, inpatient clinics plan (GVM point program), innovation and production in clinical research, and presence and competitiveness in Europe.

Organizational culture

To successfully implement the strategy, a change in ‘organizational culture’ is required. Although cultural change is difficult, it is often an important factor in moving the healthcare system toward realizing its strategy. An organizational culture is the consciousness of the organization that guides the behaviour of individuals; it may be founded on shared purpose, value, and behavioural norms. The GVM organization was created by a bottom-up approach with shared assumptions including a common understanding of ‘who we are’ and ‘what we are trying to accomplish’. Certainly, we shared values such as a common understanding of ‘GVM doing things’. Parallel to its cultural change now, GVM has adopted a new organizational structure in order to facilitate the implementation of the overall strategy11–20 (Figure 2).Figure 2

Organizational structure of GVM.

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Organizational structure of GVM.