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Over the past 15 years, the number of females arrested for violent crimes has increased ____ percent.

According to criminologist Ko-lin Chin, Chinese gang activity is dominated by:
Answer    fighting over turf
   accumulating money
   doing drugs
   organizing prostitution rings
The Rochester Youth Development Study found that gang members accounted for _____ percent of the serious delinquent acts in the community.
Answer    10
   nearly 40
   more than 85

Some risk factors associated with gang membership include:
Answer    poverty
   failure in school
   prior violence
   increased drug use
   all of the above are correct

Latchkey children are those who:
Answer    regularly pick the locks on their neighbor’s homes
   have been abandoned at home by work-oriented parents
   regularly care for themselves without adult supervision after school or on weekends
   have highly authoritarian parents
In a study of the relationship between religiosity and delinquency, Travis Hirschi and Rodney Stark found that:
Answer    religious adolescents had lower rates of delinquency
   religious adolescents had higher rates of delinquency
   atheist adolescents had lower rates of delinquency than religious adolescents
   there was no relationship between religiosity and delinquency
According to Russell Hill and Frank Stafford, one way mothers compensate for being in the paid labor force full-time is by:
Answer    spending more money on their children
   cutting down on their own sleep and leisure time
   taking time off from work to be with their children
   spending more time with their children on weekends