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Organizational creativity.

To achieve a better quality of life, you need to involve yourself in a positive living program for the promotion of a healthy mind. The quality of life can be enhanced by the spiritual uplift and relaxation provided by interests and hobbies such as art, music, writing, and humor. These can enrich your life through positive experiences. We achieve a special satisfaction through things that we create ourselves. Becoming involved in creative activities improves feelings of self-worth, decreases depression, and promotes a sense of well-being.

The Role of the Mind in Health

Good health is one of the greatest assets we have in life, for without it our future is uncertain. The mind plays a key role in promoting good health. If your health is impaired, through an accident or illness, your life may become limited. Some of the new problems you may face will be physical, economic, social, emotional, or psychological.

Recently, there has been a shift in the philosophy of health care to a more “holistic” way of medical care, as suggested by Plato a few thousand years ago. We can’t separate the mental from the physical because they are related as part of the whole person. Being a health care provider is like being a juggler trying to balance many balls—the medical, physical, environmental, psychological, and nutritional—in an attempt to keep the heart, brain, and body healthy. Many authorities feel that 50–80 percent of illnesses are stress related, including high blood pressure, colds, depression, and certain skin diseases. Certainly, facing continued ill health can be stressful.