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Organizational Awareness and Practice

Organizational Awareness and Practice Understands the dynamics, formal and informal decision-making structures, and power relationships in the organization and in the field of long-term services and supports, and puts the organization’s mission and vision into practice.  Assesses the organization, including its corporate values and culture, business processes and the impact of its systems on operations. Takes the lead in putting the organization’s culture into practice.  Uses the formal structure or hierarchy of the organization to get things done. Understands the chain of command, positional power, rules and regulations, and policies and procedures.  Uses the organization’s informal structure when the formal structure does not work as well as desired. Recognizes key actors and decision influencers within that informal structure.  Recognizes the organization’s norms and values, and adopts the language of the organization.  Understands the expectations, priorities and values of the organization’s many stakeholders. Builds coalitions and consensus around the organization’s vision, mission and agendas.  Knows the organization’s policies, procedures and protocols as they pertain to the job responsibilities of the mid-level manager. Back to Operational Core Competencies Table