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Organization Composite Score

In majority of the African countries, economic growth and development is constrained by poor performance resulting from inefficient utilization of resources and unresponsive service delivery culture. Corruption, multiple accountability, inadequate resource utilization and institutional capacity are some of the biggest challenges facing the public sector in Africa today. African governments, therefore, need to increase their efforts to address these challenges through effective public sectors reforms. This presents a need for a radical change in the public service on the continent in terms of performance management to be able to deliver services to citizens and in the process eliminate poverty. This concern is allied to the notion that performance management guide can contribute by enabling state policies to make better impact. The problem in Africa is compounded by the continuation of high levels of unemployment, crime, HIV and AIDS and other issues that can GUIDE ON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INCLUDING MEASUREMENT, MONITORING AND EVALUATION 2011 3 easily be collectively viewed as a rather depressing picture, and one requires a response in terms of effective policies. Seen in the above context, the subsequent adoption of the performance management guide addresses deep-rooted imperatives to democratize the determination and implementation of developmental priorities and institutionalize the processes for accountability for those employed to deliver public services. It is therefore important to put in place a performance management system that ensures that this is realized. This guide is therefore meant to provide practitioners with a code of standard that is an international benchmark to leverage their respective performance management and measurements systems and practices including monitoring and evaluation. The guide is also meant to provide an easy to use and applicable tool to all member states in their respective public/civil services in order to improve service delivery.