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Organising & Task Management

A highly competent mid-level manager is critical to the quality and stability of the aging services workforce, and to the well-being and safety of individuals who need support while living in residential care and communitybased settings. Yet, many employees are promoted into management positions before they receive proper training or develop an understanding of the key competencies that will enable them to be effective managers. The LeadingAge Workforce Cabinet has been working since April 2012 to develop tools that providers of longterm services and supports (LTSS) can use to develop and strengthen the aging services workforce across the full continuum of staff and settings. During this multi-year effort, the cabinet identified a set of skills and behaviors that it believes will help mid-level managers provide effective leadership across a variety of positions and LTSS settings, including: • Continuing care retirement communities. • Nursing homes. • Assisted living communities. • Home health agencies. • Home and community-based services settings. • Affordable senior housing communities. Mid-level managers put an organization’s vision, mission and values into action on the ground. They can evaluate, hire and fire staff. Mid-level managers work in the following positions across the continuum: • Assisted Living/Personal Care Manager. • Home Health Team Manager. • Nursing Home Director of Nursing, Dietary Manager, Activities Manager, and other mid-level positions. • Housing Manager. • Home Health Team Manager. • Director or Manager of a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). • Adult Day Center Director.