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Organisational policies and procedures;

Determining WHS/OHS priorities may need to take into account a number of factors including:  Relevant legislation;  Organisational policies and procedures;  Financial considerations;  Environmental considerations;  Social considerations; and  Available resources (including human resources). Given the above many other factors, determining WHS/OHS priorities can be a complicated and difficult process when trying to meet differing requirements from different perspectives and with varying standards. Obviously the most important priority is to keep people safe. As a rough rule of thumb it is important to keep people safe as possible following the law and then meeting organisational policies and strategies as best as possible. This requires prioritisation. Prioritising WHS for planning must consider:  Legal requirements;  Nature of hazards and risks; and  Status and effectiveness of current WHS activities. Legal requirements in relation to WHS are set out in the WHS legislation including the Act and associated regulations and may include:  A work environment that is without risks to health or safety;  Provision and maintenance of safe plant and structures;  Provision and maintenance of safe systems of work;  Safe handling, storage and transport of plant, structures and substances;  Provision of adequate facilities for the welfare of workers at work;  Provision of information, training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risk to their health and safety;  Monitoring of workers health and conditions for purposes of preventing illness or injury; and  Development and implementation of procedures and processes for consultation, representation and participation with those who hold duties under WHS legislation and also with workers. Stakeholders may include:  Employees;  Health and safety, and other employee representatives;  Managers;  WHS/OHS committees; and  Supervisor. HBA Learning Centres Version: 1.00 July 2015 Work Health and Safety Learner Guide Page 99 of 249 Contact: Compliance Manager Uncontrolled Document when Printed Key personnel may include:  Managers from other areas; and  People involved in WHS/OHS decision making or who are likely to be impacted by decisions relating to WHS/OHS