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Oceanography: Science of the Oceans

Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage provides a first-look at earth science and astronomy for the classical student. This homeschool science program includes a virtual buffet of options from which you can choose!

“My kids and I LOVE Elemental Science. We use it for our homeschooling and always look forward to the lessons. Paige has wonderful ideas and games to make it fun and educational . Thank you for making it a highlight in our school day 🙂” Review by a Verified Purchaser

Have the tools you need to teach earth science and astronomy at your fingertips! Our Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage Teacher Guidelays out a thirty-six-week study of the planet Earth, weather, rocks and fossils, our solar system, and stars using visually appealing encyclopedias. It includes weekly scientific demonstrations, reading assignments, notebooking assignments, additional activities, memory work, and more!

Harness the power of notebooking with our student workbooks! The Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook includes all the pages you need for the unit projects, narrations, lab reports, and student glossary. We also offer coordinating coloring pages and lapbooking templates to use with your student.