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Non-mineralised Waste Management

The environmental risk assessment identified 81 risk events, of which several had potential impacts on multiple environmental receptors. As a result, 135 impact pathways were identified and assessed through the environmental risk assessment process. The separate social risk assessment identified and assessed 22 socio-economic risk events, of which 18 were potential negative impacts and four were potential positive impacts. Table 5-6 reflects only negative impacts, and its total of 20 socio-economic risk events includes two community risks and the 18 negative socio-economic risks from the social risk register. The residual risk rating for most risks was rated as Low (Figure 5-2). Those rated Medium or High were the subject of particular attention in the development of further control measures and management plans. The risk profile across the study area is presented in Table 5-6 and Figure 5-3, which highlight the distribution of project risks per environmental aspect. This shows that the highest number of risks is associated with Human Health and Safety followed closely by Fauna and Socio Economics. There were no risks identified and assessed with an Extreme risk rating.