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Network Vulnerabilities

Network Vulnerabilities

With SolarWinds MSP’s MSP Risk Intelligence, you gain complete visibility of your networks’ vulnerabilities. Locate every piece of sensitive information across networks so you can protect organizations against a potentially catastrophic data breach. With MSP Risk Intelligence, you can run deep scans that uncover:

  • Personally identifiable information, such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial information and much more
  • Security vulnerabilities spread among servers, workstations, mobile devices and applications
  • Protected health information, including medical records and patient photos
  • Inappropriate permissions that allow the wrong users to access sensitive information
  • The dollar-based security threat to organizations, presented in an easy-to-understand report

Build Up Your Layers of Security

Once armed with this rich information, MSPs can better institute a comprehensive layered security approach. SolarWinds MSP’s MSP RMM begins with proactive security that:

  • Protects users from malicious websites
  • Manages patches for more than 40 Microsoft application families and more than 80 third-party application families
  • Safeguards email to stop incoming threats, including phishing, malware and ransomware

Detection is an important first step. But when threats emerge, MSPs have to act on them right away. With MSP RMM, you also benefit from:

  • Industry-leading malware protection
  • Network-wide login rules that prevent hackers from penetrating your network through brute force
  • Device discovery that alerts you when new and unknown devices have entered your network

Detective and proactive security can catch most threats. But if a threat is successful in penetrating a network, MSPs need tools to respond quickly and thoroughly. MSP Backup & Recovery gives you the ability to:

  • Recover from backed up data and get up and running, minutes after a disaster strikes
  • Restore business service from a virtual server if there’s an attack on your physical servers
  • Restore services even during a break in internet service

Learn From Administrators Around the World

With SolarWinds MSP, layered security doesn’t end with rich scans and bulletproof protections; SolarWinds MSP offers security insights from two million endpoints, spanning 175,000 networks. 

With analytics that are descriptive, predictive and prescriptive, you’ll be alerted to key issues across your network, like incomplete software installs. You’ll also receive warnings about patch updates that have caused problems for other IT professionals.