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Texas Student Data System (TSDS)

The Texas Student Data System (TSDS), a major initiative by the Texas Education Agency, is a new statewide system that modernizes and improves the quality of data collection, management, and reporting in Texas education.

Through the new studentGPS™ Dashboards and other improvements, TSDS will support higher student performance across the state.

TSDS also replaces and expands on the existing Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS):

  • TSDS modernizes the PEIMS data collection process to reduce technology risk and system downtime allowing for more system availability and ease of use.
  • It puts real-time student performance data in the hands of educators to improve student achievement.
  • TSDS will become the one common data collection platform for TEA to reduce the data collection burden on districts and charter schools.

The links on this page will take you to the website, which provide information on key systems and concepts in TSDS:

Education Data Warehouse – a district-facing database the allows LEAs to store data in a central place and use it for multiple reporting purposes

State-Sponsored SIS– two student information systems that were enhanced to meet TEA’s standards, including built-in disaster recovery, and are offered at not-to-exceed rates

student GPS® Dashboards – a collection of reports and metrics that provide educators with access to student performance information to improve education outcomes

Training and Support – a tiered system that provides first-line training and help through the LEAs and ESCs

· Technical Resources – more detailed and technical information on TSDS, including user guides for a number of systems

TEDS DataStandards – a collection of data standards for loading data to the EDW on its way to TSDS PEIMS, the studentGPS® Dashboards, and other TSDS systems.