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Know Your Platforms & Target Devices
Another important thing that you need to know before embarking on software test planning is knowing the target platforms and devices. In today’s world, the tech market is flooded with the variety of platforms, devices and screen sizes. There are Personal Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablet PCs and Mobile devices. Furthermore, there is variation in specifications of each of these devices. Thus, making it humanly impossible to perform testing on each and every device before you release your product.

Thus, it is important to get client’s agreement over the platforms, devices and screen sizes on which testing will be performed.This is vital as there is myriad combination of mobile platforms, device and screen sizes. Similarly, if you are defining test strategy for web applications, you can decide the operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions.

You can shortlist your target platforms, devices, screen sizes, browsers and resolutions by doing some market research on your audience and targeted users.