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National Board of Medical Examiners

. Below these, you have additional settings for your Multiple Choice question:

Multiple selectionIf you switch on the Multiple selection toggle, your respondents will be able to select more than one answer. You can choose to limit how many answers people can select:

Unlimited – respondents can pick as many answers as they want.

Exact number – you can define exactly how many choices a respondent can make. Eg, ‘Choose three of the following items.’

Range – give people the option of selecting between X and Y number of choices:

Warning! Once you’ve collected responses, you can’t change the setting of the multiple selections button as this would cause inconsistencies in your data. If you need to change the multiple selections setting after collecting responses please check out this article to learn how.

RandomizeYou can randomize the possible answers, so each time someone is filling in the form, the answers will appear in a different order.

Add “Other” option

Click this switch to add an Other answer option to your Multiple Choice question. This will mean there’s an extra field for people to write in another answer

Vertical alignmentIf you want to force the vertical alignment of the answers for a Multiple Choice question, click this switch.