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Multivariate and Univariate Analyses

Stars Behavioral Health Group was founded in 1988 and has always served adults, as well as children. But our growth over the past three decades has been more in children’s services. In recent years, our leadership team has expanded our company’s focus to increase our services to adults (including family members of the children we serve). We have made great strides in providing more services for Transition Age Youth (TAY) and adults through newly awarded contracts. These include:

Valley Star Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County
In 2018, Valley Star Community Services in San Bernardino opened a Full Service Partnership (FSP) for adults serving the Morongo Basin and will open similar Adult FSP services in Victorville in early 2019. The program also includes serving adults involved with the Mental Health Court system. Valley Star also opened two crisis residential facilities to serve adults. New programs that serve adults include:

  • Adult Full Service Partnerships (FSP) Program in Victorville (opened July 2018)
  • Adult FSP in Yucca Valley serving Morongo Basin residents—and adults in the Mental Health Court (MHC) system (opened January 2019)
  • Morongo Oasis Crisis Residential Treatment Center, Joshua Tree
  • Desert Hill Crisis Residential Treatment Center, Victorville

Star View Community Services (SVCS), Los Angeles County
Star View has been providing a variety of adult services for several years due to the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Services include assessment, therapy, medication, case management, crisis intervention, and supportive services related to housing and employment. These services are offered to deliver a full continuum of care for clients with different mental health needs and recovery goals aimed to reduce clients’ psychiatric symptoms and increase self-reliance to achieve the fullest, most productive life. The following are the variety of adult services provided by SVCS:

  • Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)
  • Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial (MIST)
  • AOT Step Down – MHSA FSP Adult
  • Recovery, Resiliency and Reintegration (RRR) TAY/Adult
  • Community Services for those age 21+
  • Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) TAY Crisis Oriented Recovery Services (CORS) & Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IndCBT)
  • Medi-Cal expansion FSP TAY/adult
  • Family Support Services (FSS)
  • MHSA FSP Adult
  • Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center

Central Star Behavioral Health, Fresno and Merced Counties (opening soon)