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multi-faceted supply chain cost reduction project

Description of Project: The project started in March 2009. A phased implementation approach was taken with Goya North East (Secaucus and 6 satellites) that accounts for over a third of Goya’s sales volume going live in December 2009. The Houston and California locations went live in April 2010. The Miami location went live in May 2010 and the Puerto Rico location went live in September 2010.
Each of these locations is live on Demand, Demand Classification and Fulfillment and Order Optimization for their finished good products. Prior to the implementation of the JDA Demand and Fulfillment products, Goya utilized a legacy system eight-week moving average as their method of forecasting demand. Since Go Live, Goya has been able to realize record service levels.
Business Impact: Service Level Improvement from 95% to 98% or better. 
Purchase Order Process Improvement from 20 minutes to 1-3 minutes.