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Movie Reviews

Movie reviews

The professor Instructions:

The papers are each worth (60) points and the due dates are included in the class schedule toward the end of this syllabus.  The papers all have the same four points for you to answer:

1)      Summarize the Film

2)      Tell me why the film you chose was the one you picked.

3)      Give me a summary of the main female character(s) in the movie.  Please do not tell me about the actress, only the character.

4)      Take a scene from the film in which the female character you’ve written about is NOT a part of.  Write out what you believe her response to the scene would be given what you know of her through the movie.

the movies are:

1- Mad Max Fury Road 2015. 2h

2- Lusy 2014. 1h 30m


Class: Women History and Film