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Motivation = internal/ build sense of self-efficacy

Teaching Style Matrix and Personal Value Structure Excepted from the Transformative Educators Guide to Mindful Practice by John Shindler It is very likely that the principles (or references) that define our personal life will be mirrored in what we are trying to do, and actually doing in the classroom (or gym, or office, or wherever we engage in our work). So our process for moving up and over to higher levels of effectiveness, integrity, peace of mind and confidence will occur in each domain of our lives. Partly, because the same references (values, narratives, worldview, conditioning, etc) will be guiding each, and partly because we cannot really separate our life as an educator and our life outside that role. The Teaching Style Matrix introduced in Transformative Classroom Management is comprised of two axes. The first is related to the level of function and effectiveness in our classroom. The second is related to the extent that our teaching is defined by a more teachercentered/controlling style or a more student-centered/empowering style (more about that in figure 3). Figure 1 below represents the basic Matrix Concep