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model of transformational leadership.

There is a strong and significant relationship between self-esteem and transformational leadership. In order to adopt transformational leadership behaviors, it appears that an individual first needs to have high levels of self-esteem. Transformational leadership behaviors will be more difficult and less natural to adopt without this. Self-esteem in this context refers to a person believing in themselves as a significant, worthy and also capable member of a team or organization. A person with high self-esteem has self-respect and can accurately assess strengths and weaknesses. A person with low self-esteem is the opposite, they see themselves as inadequate and unworthy and are also unable to accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders with high self-esteem may find transmitting enthusiasm and positivity to their followers more natural too.

If you already work in a transformational way and are finding it more difficult than usual to engage in those behaviors it might be worth taking a step back and considering how you currently feel about yourself. Check in with your feelings of self-worth, self-respect, and self-evaluation. What does all of that look and feel like at the moment? Is it the same as it has been or different in some way? Is it leading to your usual levels of self-esteem? If not there might be some content in there worth looking at in a little more depth. If you are someone who is working towards being a transformational leader it might also be worth doing the same thing because bolstering self-esteem can impact not only how you feel but how you lead.