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Minitab Assignment

A Minitab is a statistical package that initially developed by the University of Pennsylvania state university due to its ability to provide solutions for their statistical problems. This is one of the cheapest statistic packages in the market, is much flexible and requires less space compared to other packages. the tool is mainly used in the analysis of research data and is used in corporations mostly in enterprise processing. Minitab assignment is mostly known for its application in Six Sigma which is used in the elimination of issues in given processes. Minitab helps in developing charts, histograms, and basic graphs.

Application of Minitab Assignment

Minitab assignment focuses on helping students and other users analyze data such as regression, measurement analysis, variance as well as cluster analysis. The tool is also used by researchers in studying research data, statistical analysis especially due to its power and flexibility. Its application in six sigma initiatives is facilitated by its ability to provide short and powerful answers as required by the application. Some of the major advantages of Minitab especially to students in Minitab assignments is that they are easy to use as one requires to understand several basics of statistics and Minitab. They also have clean presentations and have provisions for the user to use various statistical tools and graphs. It is also easy for users to work with Pareto charts, histograms, and other charts even without deeper knowledge of Minitab. With Minitab assignment understanding, one can plot information in different useful methods as well as study huge sets of data which is useful to students mainly in transferring information from textbooks into reality.

Limitations of Minitab Package

Despite the many advantages of the Minitab assignment package, several drawbacks are linked to it ranging from its way of functionality which compared to packages such as SPSS is quite low. It is considered unideal especially where statistical analysis deals with applied researches as some of the programs would have to be installed manually which is both time and resource consuming. The package further has limitations due to its inability to compact with other statistical programs which make it hard for users to transfer data. Other limitations include its weakness in handling pure mathematical issues compared to other packages as well as its low market usability. the fact that Minitab is not used in many industries and business organizations exposes more of its disadvantages especially the issue of incompatibility with other programs.